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    8-bit MCUs with three high-resolution 16-bit PWMs in 8-pin packages

    This talk introduces the 8-bit PIC microcontroller family PIC12(L)F157X from Microchip which features multiple 16-bit PWMs with an assortment of analog peripherals and serial communications in an 8-pin package.

    8-bit MCUs for safety critical applications provide advanced motor control capability

    This webinar introduces Microchip’s new low pin count 8-bit PIC microcontrollers PIC12(L)F1612 / 16(L)F1613 which offer a variety of key features, including the Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT), which monitors proper software operation within predefined limits, improving reliability.

    Virtual Events

    Oscilloscopes - measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities

    Capabilities of oscilloscopes are increasing drastically. They become a more comprehensive and a more comfortable to use measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities. Our Virtual Seminar provides you with first hand information about new oscilloscope developments with Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent and Pico.

    Baytrail Virtual Launch - new Intel Atom processors for embedded

    With the introduction of the Atom E3800 family (formerly Bay Trail), Intel closed the performance gap between previous Atom and Core i processors. Our Virtual Baytrail Launch provides you with technical information (webinars, white papers, product news, documentation, …) about the processor family itself and informs about the latest Atom E3800 implementations of major board vendors.

    Industrial Control

    This Virtual Conference provides an update about ltrends, solutions and products to create reliable control and communications within industrial environments. Major topics are Human Machine Interfaces, Connected Factory, (Real-Time) Operating Systems and Software Monetization.

    Safety Critical Embedded Systems

    In this virtual conference leading software and hardware vendors present technical webinars and videos about technologies, products, applications and solutions to improve safety of embedded systems.

    Energy Harvesting

    Energy Harvesting technologies use natural energy sources to create maintenance-free applications. Are you interested in this highly innovate and rapidly growing market? Do you want to know more about technology basics, current and future applications and the latest products?

    Motor Control – Microcontrollers, Tools & more

    In this Virtual Conference we will update you on concepts and solutions to increase efficiency and reliability of electric motors. Amongst others, we will present technical Webinars and White Papers about topics like ARM Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers for motor control applications and about tools that enable you to drive your motor in a few mouse-clicks.


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Mar/Apr 2014

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Smart teamwork enables networked support for renewable energies

Power Modules

EN60601-1 third edition: a standard with many faces

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ARM vs x86 – Embedded Systems Design Conference

ARM is challenging x86  and x86 is fighting back: The decision whether to go with x86 or with ARM has become more complex and difficult than ever. Our 1-day conference will provide  an overview about the latest technologies, products and applications relevant for ARM-based and x86-based Embedded Systems Design. July 3, 2014 in Munich/Germany.