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    Unrivaled technical training for FPGA, SoC, DSP & embedded system designers

    Join SILICA´s X-fest training events hosted in 9 locations throughout Europe:
    Antwerp - 7 October / Oslo - 9 October / Madrid - 14 October / Gaydon, Warwicks - 16 October / Milan - 21 October / Paris - 23 October / Stuttgart - 28 October / Odense - 3 November /Warsaw - 6 November

    Embedded Forum at electronica - Nov 11 - 14, 2014

    The Embedded Forum is a theater-style presentation area with free access for all electronica visitors. At the Embedded Forum ICC Media is staging a 4-day forum programme with technical presentations covering the whole range of embedded technologies from Chips & Components over Tools & Software to Boards & Modules. The Embedded Forum is located in Hall A6, the dedicated “Embedded Hall”, close to the Main Entrance East.

    Virtual Events

    Mixed language programming for critical systems

    Over the last 30 years Ada has gained the reputation of a programming language with an unrivalled pedigree in high integrity software development. It has become particularly relevant for systems with mixed-criticality constraints where it must interface with other languages.

    Industrial Control & Communications

    This TechFeature provides an update about latest trends, solutions and products to create reliable control and communication within industrial environments.

    ARM-based and x86-based Embedded Systems Design

    In the embedded computing market, the decision whether to go with x86 or with ARM has become more complex and difficult than ever. This virtual conference helps you to pick-up the most appropriate technology for your specific application needs.

    Intelligent Sensing Solutions

    This TechFeature focuses on Intelligent Sensing Solutions which meet the needs for applications for markets like Automation, Processing, Automation and Security, It will provide you with articles, white papers, webinars and videos about technical trends, solutions and products.

    Embedded Security

    Security of embedded systems is hot topic nowadays - not only because of the trend to connected systems and the increasing danger of malicious attacks. Companies also need protection against software piracy, machinery tampering and reverse-engineering attempts.

    Tools, Software & RTOS for Embedded Systems Design

    This free Virtual Conference has its focus on tools, software and real-time operating systems. Highlights of the conference programme are: enabling the future of connected devices, introduction to model driven development, development of GUIs, development tools for ARM-based MCUs…

    Reduce development effort, time and risk with Reference Designs

    Reference designs help to reduce product development effort, time and risk. We have put together a microsite with technical information (White Papers, Webinars, Articles, …) about new reference designs.

    Oscilloscopes - measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities

    Capabilities of oscilloscopes are increasing drastically. They become a more comprehensive and a more comfortable to use measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities. Our Virtual Seminar provides you with first hand information about new oscilloscope developments with Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent and Pico.

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Jul/Aug 2014

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Methods of achieving high Color Rendering Index with LEDs

electronica Preview

Munich, November 11 to 14: electronica celebrates its 50th anniversary

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Meeting Place for Motor Control Designers

armvsx86 Motor-Control-Design.com is our new “Meeting Place” for motor control designers (insiders and beginners) and specialists of the industry and university & research. Here we will pull together technical information about products, technologies, basic principles, applications, solutions, implementations, etc.