Should you buy a module or build your own integrated design?


Don’t miss the Webinar that helps you calculate the costs and resources involved with buying vs. designing from scratch. New product features, certification, increased performance and quicker design

cycles are pressuring device manufacturers to reduce costs and still meet their time to-market requirements. One option is using MCU-based modules with production-ready BSPs and possibly eliminating development time and saving on design and manufacturing costs.

This webinar will show you how to use the Buy vs. Build on-line calculator to help you navigate the steps (and costs) involved with building the project including:

  • Concept, selecting memory, interfaces, certification
  • Hardware design, reviews, documentation
  • Layout design, test points, autorouting
  • Initial prototyping, BOM Costs, test tools
  • Software design, BSP and OS selection, validation
  • Pre-production qualification, testing
  • Manufacturing costs, etc.
  • Risk, investment and lifecycle management

At the completion of this 30-minute free webinar you will emerge with the knowledge to accurately calculate whether to buy an embedded module or build an integrated system in-house.



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