Hardware & Software for Transportation Applications

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MTCS - open and flexible computer platform for safe train control

Unlike existing solutions that are proprietary and show a fixed hardware/software configuration which is not accessible to the end user, MTCS opens up the essential interfaces between the control electronics and the application. The MTCS is completely certified up to the highest safety level in railway applications – SIL 4.

Automotive ultrasonic fluid level/quality measurement reference design

This new TI Design featuring the C2000 F2803x and TDC1000-Q1 will help you keep your automotive designs moving. The reference design is an automotive Level/Concentration/Quality/Temp fluid measurement system. It is intended to use ultrasonic measurement based on the C2000 and dual channel TDC1000-Q1 ultrasonic AFE.

IoT takes mass transit to a new level

The Internet of Things is critical to Bus Rapid Transit (BTR). It enables real-time collection and transmission of data, helping improve fleet management, scheduling, ticketing, safety, and advertising revenues.

COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling

Artesyn’s ControlSafe Platform for train control and rail signaling is a cost-effective solution that enables rail infrastructure providers and system integrators to substantially accelerate time-to-market without incurring the high costs and risks of the SIL4 certification process.

Modular SIL 4-certifiable system platform for safety-critical public transportation applications

In the last years, the government in many countries have increased their safety standards to provide more safety in public transportation. Many controllers that are currently on the market don‘t fulfill the requirements and need additional and often expensive safety devices.

Reduce development and verification costs for safety-critical applications

This Webtalk introduces QGen, a qualifiable and tunable code generation and model verification tool for a safe subset of Simulink and Stateflow models.

LDRA helps companies deliver safe & secure software

Today’s industries demand software that is exponentially more complex than generations before. Software now includes more features, must work faster, be on smaller processers, meet additional safety and security standards. LDRA software tools help industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, industry & energy, rail achieve standards and certification faster and with less cost.

Protection for critical infrastructure systems

This Webinar informs about critical infrastructures being a real challenge for the security world. It introduces details about the Kaspersky Security System, a platform presented by SYSGO and Kaspersky Lab, which is a dedicated solution designed to ensure the safety and security of embedded systems.

Public transport revolution by contactless ticketing system

An electronic ticket validating machine, the IVU.validator, has been developed and manufactured by MCS for IVU Traffic Technologies. As a project of the Association of German Public Transport Providers, it enables automatic, cash-free and contactless payment valid across all participating transport providers.

Implement efficient, reliable solutions for rugged video applications

Advanced Micro Peripherals’ video products allow solutions for a wide range of rugged, demanding applications. But what are these applications, and how are AMP’s hardware and software products deployed within them?

Changing customer's experience with innovative digital signage technologies and media

Digital Signage is changing the way transportation and other businesses need to communicate with their customers. Arrow OCS is exploring how creative marketing executives and business leaders across multiple industries are defining their Brand and Customer experience with innovative, new Digital Signage technologies and media.


USB 3.1 Type-C Solutions from TI and WE

The USB-C momentum is growing and quickly being adopted in a variety of end equipment. This new reversible & flippable ecosystem offers new possibilities for how applications will use and deli...

Cloudy with chances of microcontrollers

Embedded control developers now have a new cloud-based tool which includes a huge number of supported devices as well as integration with rapid development tools. It will be exciting to see how th...

Why cable is going wireless

By Charles Sturman, Senior Principal Product Strategy, u-blox Should we dig more trenches or build more towers to bring broadband internet to a wider audience? With the rapid evolution of the 3...


Test & Measurement Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We have put together for you a microsite with webinars, technical articles and other useful information about how advanced Test & Measurement equipment makes the complex technologies used in vehicles technically and economically manageable while speeding up the development process and minimizing risks.

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Low power, low cost & worldwide connectivity for IoT devices by Sigfox

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TQ – your ODM hardware partner for IoT solutions

TQ offers embedded CPU modules and gateway platforms to help customers to realize their Industrial IoT solutions. The product portfolio covers different architectures like Intel x86, ARM and Power Arc...