Design considerations for powering industrial non-isolated 24V rail applications

In today’s industry 4.0 applications, engineers strive to bring innovative approaches to creating solutions that can tolerate higher voltage and higher temperatures while shrinking PCB footprints and lowering total cost of ownership. TI’s SIMPLE SWITCHER® portfolio with over 25 years of history is the broadest dc-dc step-down portfolio for industry 4.0 applications such as robotics, industrial ethernet, machine vision, motor control, machinery, and industrial CPU modules.

This session will simplify the complexity in product selection for wide Vin dc-dc converters in these applications. Attendees will learn how and when to position a dc-dc regulator versus a module solution. It covers the technical details for inductor and capacitor selection and calculation, solution size comparisons for regulator and module designs, performance comparisons of both options with the purpose of maximizing total application coverage with SIMPLE SWITCHER® solutions.



  • Denislav Petkov is a Systems and Applications engineer in the SIMPLE SWITCHER group at Texas Instruments. His responsibilities include bench evaluation of new ICs, product definition, PCB design, EMI testing, customer support, written work such as application notes and datasheets, and training for field application engineers. He has been involved with power electronics since 2005 having worked for National Semiconductor and now at Texas Instruments. Denislav holds a BSEE from Santa Clara University.

Amir Tsioni, Product Line Manager at Telsys hosts the intro in Hebrew



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