Innovative Logic Solutions from NXP - case studies of practical examples of power, space and cost savings

This webinar from NXP will provide a detailed insight on case studies of practical examples of power, space and cost savings with NXP innovative logic solutions.

Modern logic provides much more than just the “glue” to connect complex devices in a system. This webinar will detail a case study of an actual customer application and demonstrate how the use of innovative NXP logic devices provides not only technical advantages in device cost, power and board space, but also in system cost related to power supply requirements, product packaging and supply chain costs (inventory, qualification, manufacturing).

This seminar is intended for all design engineers, component engineers and purchasing agents with the goal of achieving the most overall cost efficient system design

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn how using NXP Logic parts can reap rewards in savings in following areas:
Space, Power, Logistics, Cost, Qualification, Engineering time and effort.


  • Tom Wolf is a Senior Product Application Engineer for Logic Devices at NXP Semiconductor.  His design and application experience extends to a wide array of systems including server/workstation design, optoelectronics, battery and energy systems and embedded controllers.



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