This is our October 2014 selection of White Papers and Webinars.
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COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling

Designed to address the changes happening in the market for rail infrastructure, Artesyn introduces a new COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling. The ControlSafe Platform is a cost-effective solution that enables rail infrastructure providers and system integrators to substantially accelerate time-to-market without incurring the high costs and risks of the SIL4 certification process.


The ControlSafe Platform meets all the functional safety, reliability and availability requirements mandated by rail standards and speci¬fications, including EN50126, EN50128 SIL4 and EN50129 SIL4. It is expected to provide 15 years of planned product life and 25 years of extended support and service.

The presenter is Shlomo Pri-Tal, Artesyn’s Vice-President for ControlSafe products, is considered one of the founders of the embedded computing industry as one of the originators of the VMEbus architecture.

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Mixed language programming for critical systems

Over the last 30 years Ada has gained the reputation of a programming language with an unrivalled pedigree in high integrity software development. It has become particularly relevant for systems with mixed-criticality constraints where it must interface with other languages.

We have put together for you a Microsite which provides

  • a webinar that introduces the mixed language programming features of Ada through example use cases using C, C++ and Java

and useful information about topics like

  • Ada for the C++ or Java Developer;
  • Multi-Language Programming: The Challenge and Promise of Class-Level Interfacing  
  • Ada Gems: Mixed Language Development
  • GNAT Pro for Mixed-Language development 
  • GPRbuild - Multi-Language Management.

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M2M - are you planning a scalable long-term cellular strategy for 2G, 3G & 4G technologies?


2G services have served millions of devices for years, and continue to be employed in virtually every market worldwide. The evolution of 3G and 4G cellular networks, however, is changing the landscape of cellular services. While some operators will continue to maintain 2G networks, other operators have begun to cap existing 2G services. For organizations developing machine-to-machine applications, when does it make sense to migrate to 3G and 4G services?

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Introduction to Energy Harvesting Technology


There is abundant energy in our environment, and the challenge is to convert that ambient energy into useable electrical energy to power an application. This lecture looks at the harvesting source (solar, thermoelectric, vibration, etc.) and the transducers used with each; the system architectures used in energy harvesters; the ideal features of an energy harvesting power management IC; and finally, some storage elements to hold the harvested energy.

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Should you buy a module or build your own integrated design?


Don’t miss the Webinar that helps you calculate the costs and resources involved with buying vs. designing from scratch. New product features, certification, increased performance and quicker design

cycles are pressuring device manufacturers to reduce costs and still meet their time to-market requirements. One option is using MCU-based modules with production-ready BSPs and possibly eliminating development time and saving on design and manufacturing costs.

This webinar will show you how to use the Buy vs. Build on-line calculator to help you navigate the steps (and costs) involved with building the project including:

  • Concept, selecting memory, interfaces, certification
  • Hardware design, reviews, documentation
  • Layout design, test points, autorouting
  • Initial prototyping, BOM Costs, test tools
  • Software design, BSP and OS selection, validation
  • Pre-production qualification, testing
  • Manufacturing costs, etc.
  • Risk, investment and lifecycle management

At the completion of this 30-minute free webinar you will emerge with the knowledge to accurately calculate whether to buy an embedded module or build an integrated system in-house. PLUS: you can down-load the calculator on your computer as a free gift from us for attending!

The webinar will show a real calculation freesacale
based on an Freescale ARM9 / i.MX28 Processor.


Luis Torrico is a Converge Promotions FAE, specializing in technical support for the embedded modules division. Luis Torrico has also worked as Director of Engineering for an embedded modules design and manufacturing company based in Rhode Island for 10 years.


Wolfgang Heinz-Fischer is the head of marketing for TQ Systems in Germany. He has worked for some of the industry’s leading board manufacturers, and is an acclaimed speaker and author of numerous whitepapers and technical articles on embedded modules, standards, and the industry.

Date & Time

October 30, 2014
9:00 AM PDT /12:00 PM EDT /16:00 GMT/ 17:00 CET

Attend this Webcast and receive a free downloadable version of the calculator. Register now!


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Re-think surveillance performance and integration


Network video recorders (NVRs) are typically network-based computers that take video feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously and record the video in a digital format onto one or more hard drives. They offer an excellent alternative for smaller DSS installations that don’t need the storage capacity of a storage area network. This white paper looks at Milestone Systems’ line of Husky NVRs and how they use Intel Core i5/i7 processors.





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Modular SIL 4-certifiable system platform for safety-critical public transportation applications


In the last years, the government in many countries have increased their safety standards to provide more safety in public transportation. Many controllers that are currently on the market don‘t fulfill the requirements and need additional and often expensive safety devices. In this Webinar MEN show you how to cover all requirements from the beginning with just a single system.


  • Klaus Popp, Head of Product Management, MEN Mikro Elektronik

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Protecting your R&D investment with SHA-256 authentication



  • During this webinar, participants received an overview of the Challenge-Response Authentication protocol and demonstrations on “How to set up an authentication system in four easy steps” and “How to integrate authentication into a new or existing design”. We walked participants through the dangers of not protecting their IP and revenue, discussed the methods that counterfeiters typically use to copy hardware and software, and finally, we demonstrated Maxim’s proven 2-chip, hardware-based security solutions to address these issues.


  • Tom Bui, Mass Market Solutions Product Manager, Maxim Integrated

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Innovation in high speed data converters and demystifying of high speed JESD interconnect

High speed data converters offer superior performance, high input bandwidths and integrated signal processing. But increasing processing speed whilst ensuring desired precision is a challenge often faced by design engineers.

This webinar discussed such and many other issues in designing critical military, communication and telecom applications. The session explained the working of the JESD204B high speed SERDES link designed for high speed converters. Additionally, attendees learned more from deep insights into different JESD layers, subclasses and definitions. Furthermore, the webinar focussed on the need for such interconnects and discuss common "high-performance metrics" that are associated with high speed serial interfaces.


  • Ian Beavers, Applications Engineer for the High Speed A/D Converters, Analog Devices

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